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Not all good careers take four years of college to get started in. Here are a few fields that you can get started in quickly.

Culinary Arts
Most working chefs attended a culinary school for just a year before they started working in an actual restaurant. The majority of culinary arts schools provide an intern placement program for their graduating students where they make every effort to get each student a position at a local restaurant where they will continue to learn their new craft. Chef training schools.

Dental Office Workers
Dental hygienists and dentist assistants can be working at a dental office in a short time period as well. Dental hygienists have formal training they have to go through and earn a license, while assistants have a much less structured training. Assistants can learn what they need to know in just a matter of months before starting a job where they help a dentist do his or her job and run the office.

While many nurses complete four years of school, you can finish your Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) training in just one year. Some nurses achieve their LPN and begin working as a nurse before going back to school to train to advance on with either a Registered Nurse (RN) or other advanced nursing qualification. Fast nursing training.

However, all of this is not important if you don't have your high school diploma yet. Earning your high school diploma is vital in today's job market. You can get your finish your diploma through classes at a community college, an online school or just through passing the GED exam. Complete high school.

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