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If you've gone through our list of schools and you don't think enrolling at a local college's animation program is for you, there are lots of other fields of study you can consider.

Even if you are unsure as to what you may want to major in, you should still just enroll and start taking classes. You can start with taking general education courses. You may find one of those classes interesting and it could very well lead you to another class and maybe even a career path. The point to remember is to just get started.

If you aren't sure about what you want to enroll in, three very popular fields are business, criminal justice and nursing.

Business is still one of the most popular colleges at most universities. Business majors have options as to which area of business they want to specialize in. While there are many classes that all business majors must take, having a specialty such as finance, marketing or accounting helps students prepare for the type of entry-level job they are looking for. Learn more.

Criminal Justice
The broad field of criminal justice and law enforcement is also booming. Potential careers in this field include local law officers, federal agency law enforcement, federal, state and local law office workers, private security officers, and correctional facility workers. Check this field out

There are lots of opportunities for anyone wanting to get into the nursing field. You can start out as an LPN, or even just volunteering at a hospital or clinic to see if you like the work. If you want to commit to this line of work, you can study to become an RN or earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Learn more

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